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Market Hours

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  • 11am - 6pm
  • 10am - 5pm

32 North Park Row
Erie, PA 16501

Anyone can shop the Co-op; no membership is required

Erie Food Co-op is a full service natural foods grocery store with a wide variety of healthy foods, wellness products, and body care products from local and national brands. Our focus and mission each day is to provide the best possible customer experience for each and every person who walks through our doors. Our buyers do their best to create a product selection that encompasses the daily needs of our customers by providing options with the consideration of a variety of dietary needs as well as budgets.

Locally owned and proud of it

Our store is member-owned by thousands of people just like yourself. To find out more about what a co-op is, read more here.


Founded in Erie, PA in 1980 by Gordon Wunch - Gordon's has served Northwest Pennsylvania with quality meat and deli products for over 40 years.

In 1990 Gordon sold the business to local butcher Alex Ruban. Alex and his wife Donna fulfilled Gordon's vision of a quality neighborhood butcher shop for 30 years. They developed Gordon's Famous products such as City Chicken, Ox Roast, Sausage, and of course Handcut Steaks.

The Ruban's retired in 2020 and sold the business to the Bohrer and Markley families who believe there is a difference when it comes to the quality of meat a butcher shop provides. They have focused on partnering with local vendors to provide fresh, high quality, local products to their customers and could not be more excited about joining the Flagship City Public Market.


You will find the freshest meats, poultry, seafood and deli products at the Flagship City Public Market. We are proud to carry over 20 local vendors including Smith's, Stanganelli's, Bimbo Bakery, International Bakery, Luminary, Lake Erie Candy, Utz, & Northern Scoop.

Small Batch Artisan Distilling

We take pride in sourcing ingredients locally for our spirits and distributing them directly to our neighbors in Western Pennsylvania. Our customer connections are incredibly important to us, and we are grateful and blessed for the continued support we get from them.

Both of us are from the area and we're very proud to call Erie our home. Our roots are planted deep too - it's our eventual hope that our three children will carry on the business we built from humble beginnings.

Our Hand-crafted Spirits

We take pride in our process. We hand-pick local grain and mill it ourselves. Every step of the distilling process is performed with care, giving you a high quality cocktail you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Ask us questions when you're in - most likely you're speaking to an owner. Small-batch artisan distilling is our passion, and we want to share every aspect with you.